Spirit of Adventure

It´s time to enjoy the vacation you have been waiting for! 

Osa Aventura offers all inclusive high quality tours to accompany you on your fabulous exploration.

For your convenience, prices include transportation, all meals, entry fees and  the cost of the services of a bilingual expert so that you can lay back and focus on taking in everything this place offers.

Open the below sections

Tour # 1: Jungle Odyssey (9-day)

Day 1

Arrive at the airport in San Jose, meet your guide. Transfer to Hotel Brilla Sol.

Day 2

8:00        Morning flight to Puerto Jimenez, arrival at Cabinas Jimenez Hotel

10:00     Walk on the beach, visit crocodiles and caimans

13:00     Lunch

15:00     Sunset kayak tour. Overnight at Cabinas Jimenez

Day 3

6:00        Boat tour of Golfo Dulce, visiting the Animal Sanctuary or Botanical Garden

14:00     Relax and shopping in Puerto Jimenez

Day 4

5:30        Taxi to Carate for 21-km hike to Sirena Station. Overnight at Sirena Station.

Day 5

Explore the forest, the rivers and the beaches where wildlife is at its most abundant. Afternoon swim in Rio Claro. Overnight at Sirena Station.

Day 6

6:00        Explore the Sirena area in the morning looking for bull sharks in the mouth of Rio Sirena. Breakfast.

12:45     Boat transfer to Drake Bay, Las Caletas Lodge. Afternoon by the beach. Overnight at Las Caletas.

Day 7    

6:00        Snorkeling on the reefs, or scuba diving around Caño Island.

13:00     Lunch

14:00     Afternoon relaxation. Overnight at Las Caletas.

Day 8

6:00        Boat transfer across Drake Bay and up to the mangrove delta of Rio Sierpe to Sierpe village. Taxi transfer to Palmar Sur.

10:30     Flight to San Jose. Overnight at Hotel Brilla Sol.

Day 9

Airport shuttle for your return flight.

Tour # 2: Corcovado Explorer (4, 3, 2 or 1 day)
  1. 4-day tour

 Day 1:  Be invited to the local bakery by the fabulous smell of oven-fresh pastries and freshly brewed coffee before sunrise. If you wish, choose from a selection of sandwiches and cold drinks to go. Start your adventure with a taxi transfer to La Tarde around 6 am.  As you leave the charming little village of Puerto Jimenez, you will pass by beautiful palm plantations and gaze at the misty mountains on the left lit by the golden sunrise. After a 50-minute ride you arrive at your first destination, just in time for a delicious cup of coffee as you wonder at the old-growth forest around La Tarde. Treasure the rich cultural history of the first settlers of the rugged wilderness with a live demonstration of gold panning.  Embark on the night tour to look for frogs, snakes, opossums & kinkajous followed by well-deserved bedtime at the comfortable accommodation. This is an enchanting place inspiring a rural tourism project with which Osa Aventura has collaborated with since March 2008. It was a small farm, close to the eastern entrance to Corcovado National Park. It kept losing livestock to pumas and jaguars. The owner, a former gold miner, petitioned the Park authorities to grant permission for a rural ecotourism project, and the Park invited Osa Aventura to accompany this initiative. This is a success story with a happy ending, turning a potential environmental conflict into harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

 Day 2:  Embark on a 4×4 trip to Los Patos to undertake the 20 km (12 mile) hike to Sirena Biological Station. It is a beautiful trail that meanders through the Park´s luxuriant and majestic rainforests. Marvel at the transition of all the different types of ecosystems that give home to the animals we can normally catch a glimpse of, such as monkeys, agoutis, coatis, colorful birds and variety of reptiles. And, as an added bonus, sometimes we encounter herds of up to fifty or more white-lipped peccaries. Enjoy a relaxing evening on the verandah of the Sirena biological station and fall asleep to the lullaby of night forest followed by the wakeup call of howling monkeys and toucans announcing the arrival of the third day of your adventure. Sirena Biological Station is the focal point for visitors to the Park, situated on the Corcovado plain and close to the coast, where wildlife is at its most dense. Tasty meals are served catering for a wide range of dietary requirements and comfortable dormitory accommodation is provided. It has flush toilets, showers and potable water.

 Day 3:  Fall in love with the world renowned wildlife-rich forests, called as the most biologically intense place on earth by National Geographic, stroll on the pristine beaches of the Sirena area and enjoy a refreshing swim in the Rio Claro. We regularly encounter tapirs, red brocket deer, pacas and opossums. Recently we saw a female puma and her two cubs playing on a beach!

 Day 4:  At the first ray of light plunge into the return 20-km hike south, along the coastal trail and sandy beaches to La Leona /Carate.  Experience the thrill of crossing a 50-meter wide river followed by enjoying the spectacular turquoise sea. Be seduced by the musical sound of waves as you walk the last segment of your hike on the sandy beach and drink the refreshing liquid of a coconut upon arriving at Carate, the last station of your trip.  After taking the taxi to Puerto Jimenez, you will arrive around 4 pm, enriched by your delightful experiences from this trip.

 The cost of the tour is 633 USD per person (2 PAX). In this itinerary all meals at La Tarde are included plus sandwiches for the hike to Sirena.  On day 2 it includes dinner at Sirena.  On day 3 it includes breakfast & dinner at Sirena, and on day 4 it includes a breakfast to go.

Please also find below shorter options:

  1. 3-day tour: 552 USD per person (2 PAX). Taxi transfer around 5.30 from Puerto Jimenez to Carate or Los Patos. The return hike starts around 5 am leaving Sirena or boat out at noon. The following options are available:
  • Hike in via Los Patos and hike out via Carate (arriving at Puerto Jimenez around 4 pm).
  • Hike in via Carate and hike out via Carate (arriving at Puerto Jimenez around 4 pm).
  • Boat in via Drake and hike out via Carate (arriving at Puerto Jimenez around 4 pm).
  • Boat in via Drake and boat out via Drake (arriving at Drake around 7.30 am).
  1. 2-day tour: 350 USD per person (based on 2 PAX). The following options are available:
  • Hike in via Los Patos and hike out via Carate
  • Hike in via Carate and hike out via Carate
  • Boat in via Drake and hike out via Carate

4. 1-day tour: 105 USD per person (based on 2 PAX)

  • Hike in via  Carate (meet the guide at 5:10 at the bakery )
  • Hike out via Carate (arrive at Puerto Jimenez between 3:30- 4 pm)

General overview:

The day before the tour:

6 pm: Pre-tour talk with your guide (if required or whenever possible)

Day 1

5:10        Breakfast in town, meeting at the Bakery

7:00        Leaving for La Tarde by 4×4 car

8:00        Arriving at La Tarde, having a coffee, going for a hike

12:45     Lunch, siesta (nap)

14:00     Afternoon hiking

16:30     Returning

18:00     Dinner

18:45     Short night tour

19:45     Arriving back at the accommodation


Day 2

5:30        Breakfast

6:00        Leaving for Los Patos by 4×4 car

7:00        Arriving at Los Patos, hiking to Sirena, arriving at Sirena late afternoon

18:00     Dinner


Day 3

4:45        Getting up

5:00        Walking to Sirena River Estuary to see morning activity

7:00        Hiking back to the accommodation

8:00        Hiking out again

11:00     Returning to the accommodation

12:00     Lunch, siesta (nap)

14:00     Afternoon hiking

17:00     Returning

18:00     Dinner


Day 4

5:30        Tide permitting, leaving the station with packed breakfast (to go).


Arriving at Carate early afternoon

13:00     Taxi ride back to Puerto Jimenez, arriving around 14:00.